App.config in MSTest on .NET Core


Currently, at work, I’m porting the NET472 app into .Net Core 3.1. As it’s a kind of enterprise application, there are a lot of NuGet packages (younger and older one) that has some (younger and older) dependencies. One of them is ConfigurationManager…

Async over sync problem


Today I was forced to use .NET Framework MVC 5 (not core!!) as a small sample/test project. And I felt into a trap…

Azure active directory + gsuite sso email problem


I have been configuring Azure Active Directory for my domain I want to use GSuite as my “office apps” (because I can…. that’s why). When I created the first user in my AAD and he provisioned into Gsuite I found out that…

Sposoby nazywania zmiennych oraz plików


Dzisiaj po krótce o tym jakie są sposoby (i jak to się standardowo robi w różnych technologiach/językach) nazywania zmiennych oraz plików.