Azure active directory + gsuite sso email problem


I have been configuring Azure Active Directory for my domain I want to use GSuite as my “office apps” (because I can…. that’s why). When I created the first user in my AAD and he provisioned into Gsuite I found out that…

… there is no way to log-in to Gmail. I kept on getting an error

invalid email

I found that problem in here on problem 6. but it doesn’t resolve mine.

The solution presented by Microsoft required to have O365 bought (which I do not want, I want to have GSuite).

After some googling, searching and asking around it found out that you have to change the email address in the claim (so-called: nameidentifier or Unique User Identifier) configuration from
(that we do not have without O365 and exchange)


(which is ‘email’ in AAD)

After such change, and waiting a few mins for provisioning to run again (I do not understand it why, but I had to wait) everything is working fine.